ISSEP 2015
September 28 – October 1
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Welcome to ISSEP 2015 

Current news

8. 3. 2016

LNCS 9378: Informatics in Schools. Curricula, Competences, and Competitions is now available online. Click here for more information. The online version is available at

12. 10. 2015

Video of Tim Bell's plenary talk Surprising Computer Science is now available at

30. 9. 2015

An outline of the excursion schedule with relevant points marked on the map is available here.

Slides from Alison Cutler's and Chris Stephenson's talk Google's Support of Computer Science Education in Europe: A Strategic Perspective are available in the Publications section.

29. 9. 2015

The first day of our multi-conference is over. Here are some photos

27. 9. 2015

ISSEP 2015 proceedings have been published.

26. 9. 2015

The information booklet, book of abstracts and its Slovenian version can now be downloaded.


25. 9. 2015

Changes in the schedule:

  • One talk added in Monday session ICT in language education 1.
  • Talk by Sanja Leben Jazbec moved from Tuesday session ICT in language education 2 to Monday session ICT in language education 1.
  • One talk added to Tuesday session ICT in language education 2.
  • Five minute break inserted on Tuesday before Poster fast forward session and consequently the whole session moves for five minutes.
  • On Thursday after the final session added a round table Ban on autonomous weapons.


23. 9. 2015

The full schedule has been published.


20. 9. 2015

Additional information has been added to the Travel and Venue pages. The Venue now contains detailed information on how to get to the conference venue and a floor plan of the building.


8. 9. 2015

The early registration deadline for teachers has been extended to September 11, 2015.


27. 8. 2015

Registration for Slovenian teachers is now open. Click here to register.


21. 8. 2015

Interesting facts about Slovenia and Ljubljana have been added to the website. See Local info for more information.


20. 8. 2015

Added a clarification to the Call for papers, posters and workshops page that both LaTeX and Word formats are accepted for the teacher conference. The templates for both formats can be found here.


14. 8. 2015

The conference schedule has been published. Please visit Schedule and dates for details.


3. 8. 2015

Credit card payments have been enabled.


20. 7. 2015

*** REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN ***: To register please follow this link. Note that we are currently only accepting bank transfers. Credit card payments will be enabled at a later date.


10. 7. 2015

*** EXTENDED DEADLINE ***: The submission deadline for papers for the teacher conference has been extended to August 3, 2015.


29. 6. 2015

Details about registration fees and a draft of the conference schedule are now available. Additional information about the teacher conference that ISSEP is federated with this year has been posted and can be found here.


22. 6. 2015

*** EXTENDED DEADLINE ***: The submission deadline for posters and workshops has been extended to July 10, 2015.


25. 5. 2015

ISSEP 2015 poster is now available for download.


16. 5. 2015

Call for posters and the list of accepted papers published.


21. 4. 2015

Call for workshops published.


15. 3. 2015

Deadline extended (see schedule and dates).


10. 1. 2015

Call for papers published, a PDF version is also available.


General information

Information technology surrounds us and from very early ages onwards, children are using it regularly. But in many countries Informatics Education is not yet part of compulsory curricula in schools.

The International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution and Perspectives – ISSEP – is a forum for researchers and practitioners in the area of Informatics education, in both primary and secondary schools. It provides an opportunity for educators to reflect upon the goals and objectives of this subject, its curricula and various teaching/learning paradigms and topics, possible connections to everyday life and various ways of establishing Informatics Education in schools. This conference also has an interest in teaching/learning materials, various forms of assessment, traditional and innovative educational research designs, Informatics’ contribution to the preparation of individuals for the 21st century, motivating competitions, and projects and activities supporting informatics education in schools.

The ISSEP series started in 2005 in Klagenfurt, with following meetings held in Vilnius (2006), Torun (2008), Zürich (2010), Bratislava (2011), Oldenburg (2013) and Istanbul (2014). The 8th ISSEP conference will be hosted by University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science. The conference language is English.


Plenary speakers

Tim BellUniversity of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Maria KnobelsdorfUniversity of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Miha Kos, The House of Experiments, Ljubljana, Slovenia



For more information please contact us at: