ISSEP 2015
September 28 – October 1
Ljubljana, Slovenia


The conference will take place at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubjana. More information about the faculty can be found here.

Getting to the conference venue

If you are not travelling by car, the best way to get to the conference venue is by taking one of the buses of Ljubljana's public transit system (LPP). See the Travel section of this site for more information on LPP and the Urbana card that is used to pay for the bus rides.

The bus stop called "Živalski vrt" (The Zoo) is closest to the conference venue. Bus lines 18 (Kolodvor - ZOO - Center Stožice P+R) and 18L (Kolodvor - ZOO - Litostrojska) arrive at the bus stop every 6-8 minutes between 7:00-8:00 and every 14 minutes between 8:00-17:00. The interval is increased to 30 minutes after 17:00. The bus ride from the city center takes about 15 minutes.

After disembarking at the Živalski vrt bus stop you continue by foot for around 150 meters and then take a left turn and cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. Continue walking down the narrow road for 400 meters and you will reach the faculty. The main entrance is through the oval-shaped building (also called Building X, See the floor plan below).

The map below shows the route from the city center (bus stop Konzorcij) to the conference venue.

Another bus stop that is within a 10 minute walking distance of the faculty is called "Viško polje". Bus lines 14 (Savlje - Vrhovci) and 14B (Savlje - Bokalce) stop there in 12-14 minute intervals.

Once you disembark at the Viško polje bus stop you continue down the road for 100 meters and then take a right turn onto the Kantetova street. Continue along the street which takes a left turn along a narrow stream. Continue walking another 100 meters and then take a right turn and cross the miniature footbridge across the stream. From there it's another 200 meters to the faculty.

Walking directions from Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons hotel

The conference venue is a 20-minute walk away from the hotel, though some caution is needed when walking along a narrow section of the road without a sidewalk marked on the map below.

Floor plan