ISSEP 2015
September 28 – October 1
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Accepted posters

The following posters have been accepted to ISSEP 2015, listed in no particular order:

  • Ilia Gossoudarev. Managing stigmergy in mobile environments improves learning experience
  • Jean-Philippe Pellet, Gabriel Parriaux, and Morgane Chevalier. Computer Science for All in Swiss High Schools: Current State, Issues, and Perspectives
  • Greg C Lee and Ling-Chian Chang. Learning to Program: from VPL to C
  • Vaclav Šimandl, Vaclav Dobiaš, and Michal Šery. The influence of teaching methods during technical e-safety instruction
  • Gregor Jerše, Sonja Jerše, Matija Lokar and Matija Pretnar. YASAAPE – Yet Another System for Automatic Assessment of Programming Exercises
  • Zsuzsanna Szalayne Tahy. Teaching Programming Indirectly with "Paint"
  • Martina Palazzolo and Paolo Mauri. From Paper to Web - Some Help from PirateBox
  • Boštjan Resinovič. The use of Nao, a humanoid robot, in teaching computer programming
  • Wolfgang Pohl and Jorg Westmeyer. Content Categories for Informatics Tasks
  • Okan Arslan and Selcan Kilis. Informatics Teacher Education in Turkey
  • Michele Moro and Luigino Calvi. Concurrent programming basics through Snap!
  • Paul Libbrecht and Wolfgang Muller. Can I do that? Scenario Feasibility as an Enabler of ICT Usage
  • Paul Libbrecht. Publication of Learning Resources: Central or Interoperable?